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Back To Business

 Goodness it has been an awfully long time since I wrote my Joppy Blog!! I have been crafting lots but I had not been doing much paper crafting and having a break , learning to master socks and embroidery and starting to learn some quilting also. I have really enjoyed these other crafts so much I am going forward with multi crafting and you will soon be able to catch up with me on a weekly You Tube where I will talk about what I am making and what I am planning. I also rejoined Stampin' Up as an independent demonstrator in January and so I will also be talking about what I sell in my online shop and what I am making with it.  My shop is linked in the menu above or you can click to join my shop HERE

For a while I have posted projects on Instagram and I will continue to do this but for the moment I am no longer using Facebook. I had my profile copied on Facebook and I really didn't like that feeling that someone can just use my photos and set up a Facebook page and even invite my friends to that page so I ditched the facebook this year. There are definitely some facebook groups that I will miss, but I am so enjoying having the extra time. Additionally for time reasons I am for the time being staying off Pinterest also - goodness do I go down some rabbit holes when I am on there and there are so many adverts! There are adverts on Instagram too and lots of profiles of people posing as American military men and medical staff who regularly join my followers. I diligently delete them and block them when they appear. I suppose if I left them there I would have a whole load more followers but for me its not really about getting a tonne of followers. I do love Instagram for its ease of use and if I wasn't a Stampin' Up demonstrator I would probably get a private account to prevent all that form happening, but I do want to start being a Stampin' Up demonstrator again, it has never made me much income in the past because I'm not the greatest business woman but it does help me to reach my minimum order levels so that I can continue to get products at a discount. I also love getting the products before they launch and sneaky peaks of new products! Sounds weird but its so exciting planning out what to get! 

I like the products and I like the company and I like the camaraderie between demonstrators. I belong to a much smaller group of demonstrators now but the wider family is there if I need it. However I don't want the paper crafting and Stampin' Up to take over from all of my other crafting fun as I tend to jump onto a project when I am in the mood for it. I need the variety otherwise I get bored. So I am limiting my time  at the moment to this blog, my You Tube Channel and my Instagram and I will be putting links to all of these and updating you more as I get myself up and running more regularly. I am also planning to undertake some live You Tube classes using Stampin Up kits. So you can join me live and craft along with me! You don't have to appear on the screen, but you can type in comments and ask questions and join in the conversation. I do this with a You tube called Wool is the Answer and I thoroughly enjoy the hour or so once a week.  I would probably start with these once a month and you can watch them later on also without the live commentary if they don't suit your schedule. What I have found they give you is an allowed time to make a batch of cards which you may not normally get around to and therefore you are actually using what you have purchased rather than it just stacking up in your house.

For now I am happy to be setting up again and if you would like to have a look at the online shop if you have also missed Stampin' Up or you would like a paper catalogue do please contact me. I will send you one for a small fee to cover the cost and postage and this is redeemable on your first order over £20. If you  have been a customer with me before then I will gladly welcome you back with a free catalogue and postage is on me!

Love Jo P