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Post it note Holder using Golden Honey Papers - updated imperial measurements for box included.

The Golden Honey Papers in their pristine black white and gold said 'office stationery ' to me and so I used them together with the Honey Bee stamp set and Detailed Bee dies to make some coasters, a gift box holding 6 notecards and envelopes, a post it note holder and a cute giant paperclip topper. I put the photo onto a Facebook page that is for Stampin' Up demonstrators today and was totally overwhelmed by the response and requests for instructions on how to make the post it note holder - so I have quickly put this post together and it is mostly a photo show of the instructions because that was the fastest way I could do it!

To make this desktop holder you will need some basic black cardstock. The holder has been made to fit post it notes that measure 3 x 3 inches. I originally made it around the post it notes in and cut in centimetres - So I have taken the original box apart and measured it all and have put some photographs of the measurements and how to put it together below. The photos show a conversion (as near as I can) to inches as well. I hope this works for you xx.

You cut two pieces of black card. (I have shown in white so easier to see in the photograph)
The card for the main box measures 18cm x 20cm ( or see photo for conversion to inches). This is scored at 5cm in on each of 4 edges.
The card for the pen holder part of the box is 11cm x 12cm and it is scored at 5cm on the long edge at each opposite end and 1.5cm in at each opposite end on the short edge. I think the photo explains this much easier!! You can trim (nick) in the card as shown to make neater edges when folded in.
This is the original photo of the insert below but see also a better fitting  insert that I lost the fit when I converted the measurements from cm to inches - so a lovely lady called Heather Jobe from United States has given me some much better fitting measurements if you are working in inches and the phot for them is below the next one.

Better inches measurements for the insert below:
The red lines on photo below show where to cut with scissors on main box.
 The shaded red area in the photo shows where to cut away excess card.
 The photo below shows after the excess has been cut away
 You can then fold the box up and glue the back piece first.
 The front is cut away as a half circle. I did this using a 2inch circle punch lined up to halfway.
 Once the half circle is cut the sides glue up.
For the pen holder you mark where you would like the pen to go - approx 1cm in from the edge of the box. Then cut a hole that is the same size circumference of the pen you want to use. I had a very skinny pen and so my hole was able to be made with a hole punch and then I squeezed the pen in and gave it a wriggle! Find a suitable punch to for the size of the pen you are using.
 The penholder piece is then folded and glued as shown below. It does not matter that I have caught the flap with the punch as this will not show.
 Glue the back and two sides of this piece and fit into the back of the main box (do not glue the front!)
 Here the photo shows the finished construction of the box which is now ready to decorate.You will press the sides to glue snugly into the box this photo the edges are not quite glued in place yet.
 To decorate your box you need two x side pieces at the measurements shown cut in the Golden Honey designer series paper. I used a sheet that had the gold design on it because it is so striking.
 You need two pieces of DSP for the back and the front of the box. The front piece is cut in a half circle using the 2 1/2 inch punch which is slightly bigger than the punch you used to cut the main box so this enables the designer series paper to be set back a little. If you don't have circle punches you could use some nested circle dies instead. I used tombow liquid glue for all of my gluing for this box, but you can use a double sided tape if you prefer.
 So below is a picture of the finished box although if you zoom in you will see it is looking a bit tatty where I took it all apart to measure it up for the instructions - next time I will measure as I go along! oop!

All that is left to do is to stamp and die cut some bees using the stamp set and dies and adhere with a stampin' dimensional. 
If you have visited my blog today I would be delighted if you left a comment and thank you for dropping by. 

Jo P x


  1. Many thanks for the instructions. It's an eye-catching set.

  2. Hi Jo,
    Thanks so much for your clear tutorial. I love the DSP and this was the perfect way for me to enjoy it each day on my desk.

  3. Thank you so much for the tutorial Jo! Now to see how it works in inches.

  4. Love this Jo, I have the DSP but now I want the stamp & dies!

  5. Thank you so much for the instructions to this great project! Can’t wait to make a few ��

  6. thanks for the instructions. such a great idea


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