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Mole Week

There are so many many mole hills appearing on my walks across fields that I wanted to find out more - so week two has been mole week! Some of the things I have been finding out are very interesting not least that the mole is the original dirt thrower!!

Project - wise I opted to go for something a little bit simpler so some of my other work in progresses have a chance and the 2021 project doesn't completely take over!  It's not that easy to find mole sewing patterns but after lots of searching out some pencil and digital drawings I drew my own based on the head of one and the paws of another and did a little sketch which I then traced through the light of my i-pad onto some linen weave material. I have sewn the mole in taupe - which apparently is the french word for mole - so it is the exact right colour! Just a little bit of back stitch and some french knots - which really need some improvement. The knot keeps getting stuck in my needle - I may need a smaller needle head to allow the knot to slip through - I will need to experiment!
While I was looking for images I stumbled across a cute little stamp called 'mole mail' from a UK company called Make Your Mark Stamps. It was only a couple of quid, but it is only the rubber bit with some stick, so you will need to stick it on your own block (I have a few of these spare). It has been stamped on all of my outgoing mail, which has been quite a lot because I have been selling off some of my  crafting stash to make room for more inspiration and perhaps a more leisurely craft room.
Last summer we found a real mole, unfortunately it had died and we think one of the farm cats had been playing with it. We took some photographs as they are facinating. Such a little animal that you don't often  see in real life as they are so good at living under the ground. Having such good vibe detection its hard to catch one!
So lots of things for mole week and I really enjoyed finding out a bit more about this little creature! 
This week is Snowdrop week and I will be reporting back on my findings and projects related to all things Common Snowdrop! 
I have been up to some other crafty shenanigans - including making a tea cosy using double knitting and the magic loop method (both new to me). Its part of my little box of knitting and the wool is divine to knit with. The double knitting gives you two thicknesses of wool cleverly knit stitch on both sides and able to make patterns in two colours without any trailing ends. Particularly good for a nice warm tea cosy or coasters. It is not finished yet but I have already decided to make another in a colour to go with my kitchen. This one is a present but not saying who for but her birthday is in February so I have some time yet. 
A second sock to the one I showed last post is slowly being knitted to match its pair. Knitting was very fast due to the tension of the latest Series binge 'The Serpent'. However fast as it was its thin wool and so it takes ages!! 
I did make a card at the weekend for a colour challenge. For the envelope I used a die that is in my stash almost Stampin' Up vintage its one of those fat big dies that cuts about 6 sheets at the same time - but I only cut one at a time to get the crease lines. It is called 'scallop envelope'. I used some brown parcel paper for the envelope so it was flimsy and I needed those creases. The flowers were cut using a set of Stampin' Up dies called 'pierced blooms dies' and I bought them hoping the pierced bits went through the card so I could stitch on them - and they do - so I can! (with a very thin eyed needle! - not on this card though because I had a deadline to meet to post for the colour challenge but you will see more stitched flowers in future probably on my scrapbook pages.
I am going to leave you with Wallace and the mole hills in the filed opposite our house. I promise he is not licking his lips after eating any moles!!

I'm off to make some dinner !