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Good Mood, Beautiful morning - Its going to be a hot hot day today!

Oh dear oh dear!I have been neglecting my blog and although I am aware that only a handful of folks probably will ever read it - you never know do you!
I have not however neglected my crafty friends and past customers as I have been sending some cards and penned notes as well as a couple of card kits in the post or lovingly delivered by hand into your letterboxes. Please don't feel if you card has gone in the post it was not loved - I would like to say that I lovingly lick the stamp but due to modern stamp technology I only had to peel it off its sticky back - to make up for this I did stamp up some of the envelopes, although this does somewhat give the game away that the letter has come from me! Does anyone else stare at the front of a hand written envelope that has unexpectedly or even expectedly dropped onto the mat trying to guess who the sender is? I like to guess out loud to whoever in the household is listening as I do recognise some handwriting and then triumphantly announce that I have guessed correctly ! So if you want to play a trick on me it would be fun to disguise your writing on the front of an envelope - hehe!
I am in a really good mood this morning -I have woken up far too early and read a book for about half an hour waiting for my mobile phone to charge so I can text Simon and tell him I too have a runny tummy. When he woke up for work at 6 O clock I sleepily asked with good intentions of getting up and doing some exercises before breakfast if I could have a cup of tea. He brought me up a tea at 7 O' clock when he left for work and I had fallen back to sleep and told me he had a bad tum. At 7.05 I also had a bad tum and thought I would text and let him know, only to find my mobile phone was flat so I plugged it into the wall his side of the bed and picked up the book on beekeeping he was reading and read a couple of chapters while it charged enough to text him. Unfortunately I discovered that my phone for some reason did not charge and now I have got up and dressed and the bed is made (my new routine is to make the bed as soon as I get up - I have read it will get me into good habits and routine and maybe later I might add in the keep fit session planned!!) The book had been sent by a good friend to Simon and is called the Bad Beekeeper or something like that and it is written in a lovely style and is funny and has put me in my lovely morning mood and I feel like writing too. So here I am dressed, bed made, not yet had breakfast at 8.42 am (bit late really!!) to let you know I am onto this and I will resume this blog shortly!
In the meantime I must walk Wallace my Labrador puppy before it gets too hot and wake my sleepy grown up daughter who will be devastated if I don't wake her in time to walk the puppy before it is too hot to walk the puppy!! She also has resolved to get up early and get into some routines. We both seem to be failing badly so far, but we still have our lists and some stuff gets done (mainly the bed making and puppy walking). This blog will also get done soon.
I will be back - probably tomorrow now but if you read this blog look out tomorrow and if I blog you will know that I may have just got some action on those listed plans of action!
Now I really must walk that puppy , I can hear him eating the kitchen chair downstairs (I will post a photo later)
Love Jo x
p.s. I came into the craft room to plug in my mobile phone and so I can now text simon to let him know I too have a runny tummy. (There is comfort in knowing you are not alone)