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3 Tags using pigment sprinkles background

A lovely technique to try out is using the Pigment Sprinkles to make lovely splurgy backgrounds. To undertake this technique you will need watercolour paper as it is going to get soggy!!
It is also a good idea to have some kitchen roll handy. I put one sheet of kitchen roll on my work surface and spritz some water using a spritz bottle onto the water colour tag (This has already been cut into a tag shape using the tag die in the Bonanza Buddies suite. The tag already has a hole and a stitched edge so it is all ready to go).
Then I used the Bermuda Bay, Mango Melody and Daffodil Delight Pigment Sprinkles which are in a set of 6 different colours of watercolour crystals that activate when they touch the water in the paper. This is a fun process as you can watch the sprinkles spread out across the paper. IF you want them to spread out more you can simply spritz more water and you can tip the paper up and roll the water around. Then dab the paper with a paper towel if it is getting too wet. Then leave the paper to dry completely or use a heat tool if you are in a hurry and have one handy! You can then decorate the tags with whatever you want. I used the Bonanza Buddies animal images and the hat image which is used as a banner and a flag. The flag poles are just thin slivers of cardstock and the tags are finished off with some sparkle bakers twine from the Free Sale-a-bration offering.

One of the things I like about Stampin' Up's pigment sprinkles is that they are in colours that match the Stampin up range of colours so they co-ordinate with my other supplies but even more I like that they have little plastic pop off lids with a pepper pot type of opening that allows you to sprinkle on the smallest amount, as you really only need a tiny amount. The sprinkles I had in the past did not have a lid you had to pierce them and put a drawing pin in the top which sometimes came adrift and spilt the contents which made a really lovely mess! I have the clearing up cloths to prove it - because of course they are wet to wipe it up and they activate it more!!!
They are more expensive they are £21.00 for all 6 but they go a long long way and can be used diluted with water as watercolour paints with quite a vivid effect. This may be a great technique to try out in a future post!

JoP x