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Snow Globe Extra

Here are a couple of ideas and alternative ways to use your snow globe shaker domes. 
I know a fish mad person who would appreciate this card for Christmas but you could easily change it up and make it into a Birthday card.
The above photo shows the dome upside down to make a fish bowl shape. Instead of filling it with sprinkles, I put water in it!! This needs to be done with a little care and it really helps if the sticky layer if taken off the back of the dome before you pour and the water is in a small jug.  Before that though the first step is to cut the aperture and attach the front check piece to the dome front, then flip it over and fill carefully from the jug of water taking care not to splash. You can then simply stick on a piece of window sheet or a small piece of plastic packaging to the back. The stamping and the cut trees in the background are all behind the window sheet and hence are not getting wet! Therefore you just decorate a piece of white card in the background and then stick the piece with the dome on the top. I used tear and tape as it sticks the plastic better than wet glue.
The fishes are from a set called we'll Walrus be Friends' I love this set and will be doing some Walrus cards later this month using it. I tied the bow around a separate piece of red glitter card cut into a circle and then dome shape cut in the middle with the die. Then I trimmed the circle flat to match the flat piece on the dome. Before sticking it down with glue dots I tied the ribbon around it. 

I should have put more water inside but I wanted to be sure it photographed well

Another idea for your domes is to use them to display small gifts. You will need two shaker domes for this. Just stick them together sandwiching the gift in the middle having cut glitter outside pieces for each separate dome. Then punch a hole at the top and thread with some ribbon to tie to the Christmas tree. Add polar Bears with dimensions onto the outside in glitter card.

This could also be a fun tag if the main present is a mobile phone or CD !

Tomorrow is 'Bordering on the weekend' and my first Scrapbook border using the Still scenes and snow globes bundle.
Do you know it actually snowed in Devon last night quite a lot but didn't stay as the ground was so wet. No sign of any this evening .....yet! Keep warm!
JoP x