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Less plastic waste

 This is a little invention I came up with recently because I wanted to find a way of selling cards with no plastic packaging but at the same time keeping it together with the envelope in a manner whereby you can still see the card. Some card manufacturers don't use plastic on their cards however, a great many cards are sold with plastic packaging and although some of the packaging is made of  polypropylene which is recyclable - it is not collected in recycling collections as there is not always a market for using it by Local Authorities. Therefore it is going to be thrown away.

So here is my design (after a couple of different prototypes) - It is a strip of paper (which I have printed with my website and details and it is around inch and a half wide and you lay it across the back of the card and matching envelope and then bring around to the front where it comes out at the two diagonal corners and then you can trim it and fold it across on each side securing it with a small dot of glue - or could use a glue dot if you wanted to.

I am currently preparing some cards up to sell at a local craft fair - so this is coming in handy and I am sharing this idea with some organisations such as 'Naked Cards Campaign' which petition card manufacturers to stop using the plastic packaging. I think my method is also quite quick to employ just as quick as putting into a plastic bag - the down side is the card potentially getting grubby due to handling - but hey ... most people handle them well and the cards definitely have more 'soul' when handling and perhaps people will be more likely to buy them?

Please feel free to use my design and if you are showing it off on your own social media be sure to credit me back with the idea I would appreciate the mention!

Who knows ?
Love JoP x