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Elegant Sashiko Embroidery

When I attended the Knitting and Stitching Show last month I signed up for a class in Sashiko embroidery. This is simply running stitches and originates from Japan when Fishermen and Farmers used these stitches to repair their garments at a time when material was not widely available to them. Developed now for decorative purposes I particularly like the simplicity of the bold running stitch in contrasting colours and it looks fabulous as edging to household items and on borders of garments. I showed it a few posts back on my return from the show with my haul!

Here it is completed. It was stitched on a double length piece of fabric and so I simply folded it in half with the right sides inside and sewed around the sides using a sewing machine leaving a small gap to turn back the other way. I cut across the corners being careful to avoid the stitching to help it to lay flatter before turning back and doing a discreet hand sewn slip stitch to close.

I definitely will make more using this technique in future - it is really very easy - just take any needle and some thick white thread that does not split (i.e. not the embroidery thread as this splits into 6 pieces) and any cloth and a pattern that repeats that is transferred onto the fabric and you just stitch. A few stitches standing up waiting for the kettle to boil, some on the telephone to your insurance company when you are on hold and a couple in the dentist waiting room, some on the train. Easy project to transport. Now I have completed this I am checking out the Internet to get some more ideas and some threads!!
I was wondering about using it to mend my old leather biker jacket that has a rip at the back - after all it was originally used to mend fabrics decoratively!!
I'm saving some ideas to my Pinterest page. If you like Pinterest and want to follow me I am JOPPY on there. I will be putting up my favourite Sashiko pins for inspiration to try later.

I would love to know if you have made anything using this craft. Just comment or send me a photo!