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Some more fun with backgrounds and butterflies Beauty Abounds stamp set

I love square cards and I had such a lot of fun creating the backgrounds using the Brusho powders that I had some spare pieces of watercolour backgrounds so I have used them to make some more cards. Very much along the lines of the A4 picture I created on Saturdays blog post.
They are all slightly different these two I have folded a piece of A4 size card in half to obtain two large portrait cards.

It was so lovely to have my sewing machine back in working order. It is very old and was my mums so sentimental value and it now (thanks to my very talented other half) running like a dream.

I can't wait to start sewing again, but first my craft room is being decorated..... it was not intentional to decorate but I moved some bookcases and the wallpaper had torn and then when I replaced the paper the walls looked really tatty so they needed a paint and then I decided it would be nice to turn the whole room around so my desk is in front of the window looking out into the garden and my rocking chair around to face the window also and nothing quite fits in like it used to. Before I knew it I had done a complete change around leaving not as much storage room and so then I have had an almighty clear out. I am still mopping up the last few bits and pieces of stash in my bedroom, Lisa's room and the hallway trying to find homes for it, sending to the charity shop or giving away to friends. It was good timing as I went to 2 shows and bought some new projects which I will put on my blog as they are getting done. Mostly sewing and knitting projects and they tend to take longer than papercrafting so you may not see them emerging onto my blog in the near future but definitely soon as I am enjoying a few knit and natters and some things are progressing well.


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