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Free papers ! Painted Seasons

Here is my resident Miffler from fantastic beasts with four little gift bags I crafted using the latest sale-a-bration offering. These papers representing spring, summer, autumn and winter are Free with a qualifying order of £90 along with a lovely detailed stamp set that matches them. See the pinecones on the third bag - they are one of the detailed images stamped with only once with one colour of ink and yet it looks almost photographic. Also on March 1st it is possible to purchase a set of framelits to match. So well worth waiting to order until the 1st March!!
This is my own design from years and years ago which I perfected from using it for a party bag for my children's birthday parties. The bag takes a whole sheet of 12x12 inch paper and maybe some more if you want to decorate it a bit more. OR make it slightly shorter and just use the one sheet. I designed it so it has a pocket all around the front and for a party bag this allows lots of extra goodies to be tucked into the sides like pens and sweets while the main event slice of birthday cake is in the middle! So for Autumn I decorated with some pom poms left over from christmas time. I think this paper is my favourite - I used a small strip for the top of the pocket that shows the reverse side of the paper and another two strips 1.5cm wide for the handles.
This is the winter paper and the pine cones are glued around the edge of the pocket so it is a little bit hidden The handles show the reverse of the paper - quite a subtle light blue pattern.

I'm not actually sure if this is the spring or the summer - I put some holes at the front pocket and tied some ribbon and used same ribbon to close the top of the bag.

This is the last one (either spring or summer) looks like succulents - I love the colours on this one and I made my own pompom with some wool free on the front of a knitting magazine last year and the same free wool on the magazine made the handle which I plaited. The top of the bag is folded over to show the reverse of the paper pattern in calypso coral which contrasts and make the inside of the bag look inviting.

So this is how you make the bag.... take sheet of 12 x 12 inch paper and score it so the sides of the bag are 4 inches and the gusset is 13/4 inches and there is 1/2 inch left to glue it together. See diagram below.

The scoring is done first to make it easier after the next step. The next step is to fold the paper upwards from the bottom to the top with the pattern you want on the outside of the bag face up. then take the top edge and fold it back down again making the pocket.
The scored lines now come into play and you can fold the bag around and tuck in a glue in the edge - see photo. You glue the main part of the bag first and then fold around the pocket and glue that in.

Then you need to make the bottom of the bag which is with a separate piece of card measuring  5inches x 23/4 inches. You score this on every side by 1/2 inch and cut out the corners. If you cut a slight slat it is easier to glue into place.
Then fold and score the flaps and glue them into the gaps at the bottom of the bag. This is a bit fiddly. If you glue it in with PVA or tombow glue it makes a really strong bag.

Now the bag is ready for you to add handles and decorate as you wish. Don't forget to put lots of goodies in the pocket around the outside!
I hope you like this bag it has stood me in good stead all these years and Im pleased to share it with these papers that will take you around the seasons.