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Note pad and Pen with tabs

Continuing with the Tabs for everything stamp set and punch I have made a cute notebook with matching pen. The notebook features a velcro dot under the tab to keep your show stopping shopping needs nice and tidy!!

The note book and pen are included in their 'raw materials' format to make the following little set of projects when you buy the stamp set and the co-ordinating punch from me. See under monthly featured bundles on the menu at the top of the page for more details.

To cover the little notepad you need some pink card and this is wrapped around the notepad. The measurements will vary according to the size of your note pad and how much overlap you want but the trick is to measure and score your card burnishing with a bone folder - or I sometimes use a teaspoon which is quite effective. (If you go for the bundle package your card will be scored and ready to go.)
 Then make three panels with black card matted with a pretty paper. The one I used is called Tropical Escape designer series paper and is available from my shop. A sheet or two is also included in the bundle package.

One panel goes on to the back of the pad and the other two on the front flaps.

Using the stamp set pick out an image - I used the shopping trolley - and stamp onto white card in green ink, then I stamped the circle image around the outside using pink ink. and punch out with a 3/4 inch circle punch and then using the circle tab punch punch out a tab in white card. stamp 'shopping' or one of the other words onto the bottom of the tab as shown in green ink and then adhere to the bottom front flap of the notepad cover.

Back of notepad
 I also stamped shopping onto the top line of each page in the pad but you don't have to do this as it is quite time consuming!

For the pen (supplied with the bundle) or if you are buying yourself - has a clear middle piece and if you carefully undo the pen - beware of springy inside parts!! you can roll up a piece of matching paper to insert inside the pen before restoring it back together - hopefully with springs in tact!

TIP: to get the paper to roll around I wrapped mine around a thin pencil first and if you roll it up smaller than the inside to get it in , once it is indie it tends to unfurl a little and fits perfectly.
 I hope you can see in the photograph how the paper is rolled up inside. Don't worry if this takes a couple of go's. When you have it back together give the pen a little test to make sure it is working properly and your paper is not blocking the mechanism.

I hope you enjoy the project and I have a couple more projects to show with this stamp set and punch and also a surprising way to use the punch coming up in future posts. To stay tuned please subscribe to my blog and the post will be emailed straight to your in box.