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My 2018 New Year Craft Resolutions

In January I made two craft new year's resolutions.

1. To master socks knitting and
2. To re-master my Silhouette Cameo machine

I have actually made 1 pair of socks in my life but I made one of the socks and then a few months went past until I made the other and now I can't remember how I did them. I have gathered together some patterns and needles and sock wool of various types in preparation for a bit of time to sort the whole sock thing out in my head once I have time to undertake a sock marathon.
The opportunity presented itself when I was on a visit to my daughter in Canada recently and that means a 10 hour flight, taxi time and airport time and also a bit of time around the edges of my visit when I am up at early o'clock because of jet lag!

As for the Silhouette Cameo - I used to be a bit of an expert about 5 years ago and had a user printer business for which I was always designing on drawing software. However the advent of a new computer and loss of all of my old drawings and having to master Cameo software did not present itself as urgent and it has come to October and this resolution has not even had an attempt!
At the time I made the resolution I was at a show and the Cameo peeps were there and I purchased a host of supplies to make things with including foil, scratch off stuff etc. So having spent a fortune on the bits and bobs and a new cutting mat it really is weighing on me that this is one that needs to come to the top of my to do list......

So here I am in mid October and I have finally got a weekend with rain and I am on call for Lifeboat so basically I am stuck indoors at home and not allowed to have a drink. These are the most excellent conditions under which to force me to go for it. I really don't need forcing into the craft room - I started out doing all the stuff I like first, namely a couple of paper crafting projects for my blog, some photos, a bit of pinterest and surfing the internet for wool for the next wooly project and finally I got onto the Cameo software. It is all different on my Mac which is my new platform and so I am holding myself back being a computer-phobe - and of course I need to stop and make something for lunch and something for dinner and put the washing on and clean the bathroom and then I ran out of jobs and got bored with Face book and I'm going in.....