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Candy Cane Lidded Box

This box has a red underneath and a blue lid. Cut the red and blue card to 41/2 inches x 41/2 inches and then take the underneath part of the box and shave an additional 1/8th of and inch off the top and the side. This is a great way of making the bottom box slightly smaller to fit inside the blue lid of the box. Then both are score 1inch on every side.

Decorate the blue box lid by stamping all over in the same colour blue ink with the snowflake background stamp in the set before you do the scoring and gluing step.
You can see for the diagram that I have made cuts and mitred off the corners to glue the sides into a box bottom and box lid.

Once the box is all ready to go tie it with a red ribbon and add a candy cane and sentiment tucked under the ribbon and secured with a dab of glue.

The items to make this box are included as a FREEBIE if you order the Candy Cane bundle form me and use the hostess code. See sidebar for hostess code and trundle to my shop to order the set. For details of Bundles see under October bundles in my Monthly bundles pages.