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Alpine Adventures - Ski's make a Fence

I keep raving about this set - Another way to use those little ski's and the sled in the set is as a fence. So the set can be utilized outside of Christmas making it a better investment. Those little weeny flower images in the set, along with the bows in the thinlits and the presents can all be utilised throughout the year.
I love it when you get more from your craft investment!

The skis and the top of the sled images already have wood grain and so they make the most splendid fence. On this card the wreath looks fab hung over the top!

Don't forget to stamp up your envelopes. The snowflake image below has not been used in any of the cards but is another really lovely image in this same sent. I also used the border stamped image on the envelopes.

Also check out the ski's image being used as intended on this card. Those wreaths are irresistible to use whenever there is a hook!
JoP x