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Refilllable Shaker Card - Sweets and Fathers Day possibilities!

I made some cards with the mason jar treat cups and filled them with sweets instead of glitter and sequins like a shaker card. I want to make them so the recipient could take out the sweets and not ruin the card - so I made a little sliding door in the back of the card. I made a Youtube video to show you how I did this and if you scroll down a bit I have put a link to it.
The treat cup will take quite a few types of sweets and these photo give a few suggestions

Hey look at that - I sent my daughter on a mission to buy small sweets and she came back with carefully chosen smarties lids that spell Jo - I really do appreciate that!
The Tic Tacs I liked the best they have a very satisfying shaker noise!
So here are some of the cards made fairly swiftly because those sweets were not going to last long - except the Parma Violets - I still have the Parma Violets - who likes these?
The tic tac card was the first one I made and the ribbon is not very well placed - it really needs to go in BEFORE you stick the jar into the punch aparture.
So here are a couple of photographs of the back mechanism - but it is much better to watch the video! scroll down some more!

Here is how the card looks after the sweets have been eaten (mmm Skittles)!
This is the card I designed and made on the video - I used screws (don't eat these!!) instead and I think it makes a great card for a DIY enthusiast who do keep their bits and bobs in jars - sometimes! So without making you wait any longer here is my link to my Youtube - can I implore you to help me get this channel off the ground by subscribing and thumbs upping and watching it all through once and commenting because all of these actions really help it to get popular and then it starts to get noticed by people outside of my lovely group of you and I will make some more - the other thing to note is that this is not your usual Stampin' Up Youtube because I like to be different- I think its quite funny (let me know) - so here's to more than 10 subscribers!!

Try this idea for Fathers Day - a jar of seeds for a Gardener, anyone got some other ideas!

Thank you so much 


  1. Awesome card, great idea. Thank you for the video!

  2. Love the card and your fun comments. You are just like me!


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